Grace & Glorie


Celebrating 45 seasons of imagination on stage, ECHO Players will open its 2019-2020 season with the production of “Grace & Glorie” at the Village Theatre.

Set in a cottage located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, we are introduced to Grace, a feisty clear-thinking, straight-talking, 90-year-old cancer patient who has checked herself out of the hospital and returned to her cottage to die alone.

She is joined by uptight, Harvard educated and meticulously trained hospice worker, Gloria, who is a transplant to this rural area from New York City.

This production is the story of two ordinary, but very real women, one of the reasons director Kelly Barnum was drawn to this play. Portraying these characters in a realistic fashion is Barnum’s focus during the rehearsal process. “They are not caricatures, but two women who have been brought up in two different worlds and must find a common ground between them”.

A challenge indeed that is put upon actors Vicki Barta and Sherri Wade. For Barta, who plays Grace, she took characteristics from her step-grandmother whose generation endured hardships with faith, acceptance and grace. “She terrified me until I got to know her,” says Barta “and then there was so much wisdom to be learned”.

For Wade, the experience of walking in Gloria’s shoes was an exploration of one’s own self. “I was drawn to the character that, on the surface, I can identify with, but that also challenges me to explore my own vulnerabilities”.

While Barnum works with Barta and Wade, she is also taking a journey to create a strong relationship between the characters and their surroundings. Working closely with set designer Fred Knabb to create the world that is Grace’s humble cottage with the assistance of set decor and props led by Kerry Campbell, Barnum also looks to illustrate the conflicting sounds of the mountains of Virginia and the noise of construction closely associated with New York City with sound designer Alistair McVey.

Overall, Barnum hopes audiences will see how Grace and Gloria, search, and ultimately find, the power of love and connection. Join us for this “poignant comedy about love, loss, and the search for meaning in all our lives.

Written by Tom Ziegler

Directed by Kelly Barnum

Grace & Glorie runs from October 10-27th, 2019 at the Village Theatre

For tickets: 

Box Office located at 110 West 2nd Ave, Qualicum Beach

By phone: 250.752.3522

Echo Players