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E.C.H.O. Players Village Theatre is a non-profit society of dedicated members of the community. Community is what E.C.H.O. Players is all about. Relying upon the talents, creative energy and generosity of individuals and businesses we have been bringing the live theatre experience to the Oceanside area for for over 40 years.

School For Scandal - Don Emerson Photography
School For Scandal - Don Emerson Photography

Our 2019-2020 Season!

Grace & Glorie
October 10 - 27th, 2019

Grace & Glorie LogoDirected by Kelly Barnam
"A soft blend of comedy and pathos" Two very different women - Grace, a clear-thinking, straight-talking 90 year-old Virginia gal with a twinkling wit and the open-mindedness of a teenager, and Glorie, an Uptight yuppie Hospice volunteer who holds an MBA from Harvard, try to tackle the great unknown with different degrees of dignity and humor.

The Secret Garden
Febuary 13 - March 1st, 2020

Secret Garden LogoDirected by Jennifer Kelly,
Musical Director Patrick Courtin.
The beloved classic children's book comes to life in this stunning musical. A young orphan girl is sent to live with her reclusive uncle on his dark and depressing estate. When she discovers the key to a neglected garden, she reawakens the magic locked inside the garden walls and her family's heart. This musical adaptation is a glorious way to celebrate the transformative power of the imagination and the magic of the theatre.



The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
December 12 - 29th, 2019

Best Christmas Pageant Ever LogoDirected by Ashlee Sales
Lively Christmas classic which tells the story of a couple struggling to put on a church Christmas pageant. Faced with casting the Herdman kids - probably the most inventively awful kids in history - mayhem ensues in this hilarious and heartwarming story.

April 16 - May 3rd, 2020

Yesteryear LogoDirected by Stephen Torrence
Yesteryear is a beautifully written comic love story with a little post-war left-wing politics thrown in. (Saskatchewan had just elected a CCF goverment.) Great characters, lots of boozing, gossiping, hockey talk, salty language, and even a local bordello, Emma Day's Happy House.


Our Goal... "To nurture the love of theatre, we explore, expand and develop theatrical talent and we create quality entertainment for our community".