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E.C.H.O. Players Village Theatre is a non-profit society of dedicated members of the community. Community is what E.C.H.O. Players is all about. Relying upon the talents, creative energy and generosity of individuals and businesses we have been bringing the live theatre experience to the Oceanside area for for over 40 years.

School For Scandal - Don Emerson Photography
School For Scandal - Don Emerson Photography

Whether you wish to share the experience from the comfort of your seat in the Village Theatre (home to E.C.H.O. Players since 1974), from the footlights of the stage or from behind the scenes, you will find yourself welcomed into a community of patrons, fellow performers, artists, writers, set designers, and volunteers of every description.

OUR 2017/18 SEASON

Want a peek at our upcoming season?

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Our Fall 2017/18 Schedule!

Hilda’s Yard

October 12th – 29th, 2017
by Norm Foster
Director:  Kelly Barnum

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Hay Fever

February 15th – March 4th. 2018
by Noel Coward
Director: Michael Armstrong

The Christmas Express

December 14th – 31st, 2017
by Pat Cook
Director:  Mari-Lyn Kelly

My Old Lady

April 19th – May 6th, 2018
by Israel Horovitch
Directors:  Sue Murguly and Lynne Carrow


Our Goal... "To nurture the love of theatre, we explore, expand and develop theatrical talent and we create quality entertainment for our community".